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Live Sound Productions

What do you dream?  Are you planning a concert but don't know what you need?  Planning a corporate meeting and need video and sound?

Here at Audio Services we want to prove to you that "if we build it they will come".  With sound engineers with degrees in their fields, and a pair of golden ears we can make even the smallest event sound like a stadium. 

Because sound is so subjective we use multiple sound systems for the type of venue you are having.  All of our systems use over built Crest amplification for plenty of power and are all set up for a flat frequency response using DBX drive racks.  Our sound systems always sound great no matter what type of source you are playing through them.

We are on the cutting edge of technology and own all of our equipment.  Our company offers event planning and full rentals as well with too much equipment to list- call, email, or use our contact form for a free quote!

Please check out our photo gallery for a look at some of our recent productions.